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NEWS for Alice Roberts - 3-6-15 Chef Erica Jayne Wilson who suffers from a serious food allergy is running her own oils and chutney business which uses only vegan and local ingredients, Erica Jayne is pictured with her stock on display at Eden, Unit 19, Prospect Shopping Centre, Hull. Picture: Peter Harbour Prints of this picture can be ordered from or telephone 08444 060 910 KEYWORDS:

Erica Jayne is pictured with her stock on display at Eden, Unit 19, Prospect Shopping Centre, Hull. Picture: Peter Harbour
Prints of this picture can be ordered from or telephone 08444 060 910

Hi Everyone. I have some news. I have decided to cease trading as 2017 comes to a close.

The endless hard work and time that goes into producing the products is not reflected in the income it generates and as the business has scaled up the harder and more consuming it has become. So, I have made the tough decision to call it a day. I want to create a life that I love not one that I endure and only I can make those positive changes, and this is a huge leap towards that end goal.

Thank you for all your support over the years, it has meant the world to me and I am so grateful for the brilliant moments, life lessons and memories that have come from this crackers journey.

Who would have thought we could win 6 Great Taste Awards from a kitchen in North Ferriby Eh? I am so proud of what we created and the monster it became. It has so much potential in many ways but once I became a factory struggling to produce the same things on repeat, just to keep up, it lost the creativity and that creative product development which fuels my passion in life.

The business will wind down from now on and internet orders will cease in the new year as stock dwindles. It will not be the end for the recipes however. Currently they are protected under the IPO office and copywritten, and are under a pending contract to a new direction so watch this space.

In the mean time the website will stay live and I will use it as a blogging site for recipes as I continue to cook and adore creating food for allergies and dietary requirements.

I am also off on Holiday for a family Christmas to recuperate. The Christmas Delivery cut off date for guaranteed delivery 2017 is midnight on the 15th December. Any orders placed after the 15th December will have to be posted upon our return to the UK on the 6th January. Thanks for understanding and I hope you all have a brilliant Christmas and New Year

Thank also for your past and present support. I will miss you all

Erica xx

Homemade By Erica Jayne Customer Catalogue A4

Hi, I’m Erica Jayne, I trained as a Chef quite a few years ago now and have been working in the catering industry ever since. But most importantly I learned to cook as soon as my mum could sit me up at the work tops, she is a fabulous Yorkshire cook! I loved those days when the big pine kitchen table would be filled with baking and pies. And our family Piccalilli Recipe has gone down four generations in my family – it’s a closely guarded secret that I learned to make with mum and we are ever so proud of it.

Because of my many food allergies mum figured the best way to help me was to teach me all her skills so that I never had to rely on buying things that could make me ill, and she never, ever fed me junk or colorings, flavorings or preservatives (I’m hyper enough). This principle comes from the heart and as an advocate of shopping local and supporting local trade and craft I have decided to build a company making and selling sweet toothed treats, cooks ingredients and scrumptious chutneys and pickles. All of which are pure, made from ingredients that do not contain gluten or dairy and are free from artificial junk! Instead my stuff is made from ingredients that are as locally sourced as possible supporting local or ethical farming industries, and made in our kitchen at home which proudly has a 5* score on the door!

I have spent a lot of years living with dietary restrictions and learning to make treats that taste great and I wanted to bring them to you because we all deserve to have access to fairly priced, good quality food that tastes gorgeous and makes us smile! For that reason all of my products are also Veggie and Vegan friendly and contain no Palm Oil or animal derivatives, they are packed instead with loads of good quality flavorsome fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.

We take the products to markets nearly every weekend and it’s ever so much fun, I love getting to meet everyone. If you have a look on my Google calendar you can track me down and find me, and I will keep tweeting images and news from the road too so please join in with our journey.

I am no long selling and there's no stock left, so please don't place an order!