All Dressed Up – & Goes With Anything


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And Goes With Anything

A fantastic all round dressing

A delicious all round dressing made using my horseradish mustard and tarragon and lime. Drizzle over anything to add pizazz, and it also work as a delicious marinade.

Ingredients: Pomice Oil 37%, cider vinegar 22%  (CONTAINS SULPHATES), Sugar 15%, Horseradish Mustard (Cider Vinegar 50% (CONTAINS SULPHATES),, Yellow Mustard 20%, Sugar 13%, Shallots 6%, Moulie 6%, Horseradish 6%, Ginger 3%, Garlic 3%, Coriander, Pepper, Salt, Allspice) Lime Juice 8%, Ginger, 3%, Garlic 3%, salt, Tarragon, cornflour, Allspice, Turmeric


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