Quick and Easy Fiery Chilli & Garlic Curry Sauce

This sauce is awesome and wonderfully hot and spicy and so easy to make!



2tblsp Erica’s Lemon, Garlic and rosemary oil for cooking

Half a jar of All The Raj curry Paste

3 tblsp Fiery Chilli & Garlic Pickle
2 (capsicums) Peppers
1 onion cut into eighths
500 gms chopped tinned tomatoes

A Handfull fresh coriander leaves roughly chopped

How to make the sauce:

  • Heat up about 2 tblsp lemon oil in a deep frying pot and add the curry paste and spoonfuls of pickle, then for 2 minutes over high flame heat.
  • Mix in the tomatoes cover and stir fry over medium heat up for 10 minutes. Uncover and simmer (boil slowly at low temperature) for 10 minutes to let all the excess liquid evaporate and the sauce thicken.
  • Add the onion and capsicum pieces and simmer (boil slowly at low temperature) for 5-7 minutes or until the fat separates out from the thick sauce.
  • Serve the sauce with Fish, Meat, Vegetables or Tandori Marinated variants of your choice. I like it with Aubergine pieces, chickpeas and chestnut mushrooms!

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