Roasted pepper, Dolcelatte and Pine Nut salad on a bed of peppery rocket lettuce with a Pesto drizzle

Serves 2 (main course ) 0r 4 (x starter)

I bag rocket washed

2 Peppers (red & orange)

Sugar, salt & pepper

1x 200g Dolcelatte OR Vegusto Cheese

2tbsp pine nuts

1tsp sundried Tomato & Sweet Pepper Dressing

3 tbsp Jarred Pesto (Pesto Verdi coming soon to Homemade By Erica Jayne)


Roast the peppers skin side up, rubbing the skins with sugar to help them char when the skins begin to char remove and set aside to cool. When they are cool skin the peppers. In the mean time toast the pine nuts and set aside to cool.

Place the rocket in a dish and crumble the Dolcelatte over the lettuce. Sprinkle in the pine nuts and lay the roasted peppers in amongst the salad leaves. Drizzle a sprinkle of Sun Dried Tomato, Sweet Pepper & Basil Dressing over the leaf and cheese arrangement and drizzle with fresh pesto

I am no long selling and there's no stock left, so please don't place an order!